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No. 31 (June 2006) [PDF]
Mitsuko Onodera:
Study of rigidity problems for C-manifolds

No. 32 (April 2007) [PDF]
Shuji Yoshikawa:
Global solutions for shape memory alloy systems

No. 33 (June 2007) [PDF]
Wakako Obata:
Homogeneous Kähler Einstein manifolds of nonpositive curvature operator

No. 34 (June 2009) [PDF]
Keita Yokoyama:
Standard and non-standard analysis in second order arithmetic

No. 35 (September 2011) [PDF]
Reiko Miyaoka:
Su Buqing Memorial Lectures No. 1 --- On the occasion of the Centennial of the Faculty of Science
Jixiang Fu:
Balanced Metrics · · · · 1

Takashi Shioya:
Geometric Analysis on Alexandrov Spaces · · · · 31

Yuanlong Xin:
Topics in Minimal Submanifolds · · · · 47

Masayoshi Takeda:
Some Formulae on Additive Functionals of Symmetric Markov Processes · · · · 91

Jiangang Ying:
Introduction to Markov Processes · · · · 141

Masanori Ishida:
On the construction of toric varieties · · · · 165

No. 36 (May 2012) [PDF]
Makoto Sakagaito:
On the Hasse principle for the Brauer group of a purely transcendental extension field in one variable over an arbitrary field

No. 37 (July 2012) [PDF]
Takuya Watanabe:
Exact WKB approach to 2-level adiabatic transition problems with a small spectral gap

No. 38 (April 2015) [PDF]
Hiroko Yamamoto:
Concentration phenomena in singularly perturbed solutions of a spatially heterogeneous reaction-diffusion equation

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