Masaki HANAMURA【花村 昌樹】,  Professor

Research Field

Algebraic Cycles, Cohomology Theory, Motif, and others

Advice on Research

 From the 4th year of the undergraduate study to the 1st year of the master's degree course, I would recommend that you acquire the firm base of homology algebra, algebraic manifolds and scheme theory, layers and cohomology, and complex manifolds. These are required for whatever you think you are going to do. Additionally, you should think about the problems expanding your scope of study for yourself. You should always be aware of how much you have understood, and what problems you are thinking about. (You would be requested to submit a report regularly.) Please make your own plan, and examine its progress. To study even the least part of algebraic geometry, what the seminar class can do is to cover only a part of it. You need to study the remainder of it for yourself.


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