Goro AKAGI【赤木 剛朗】, Professor

Research Field

Evolution Equation, Functional Analysis

Research Interests

 My research interests lie in PDEs describing irreversible phenomena,e.g., diffusion and phase transition.
Such PDEs entail somemathematical structures corresponding to the irreversibility ofphenomena. By focusing on these structures, I am tacklingvarious problems of PDEs such as fundamental issues (e.g., existence,uniqueness and continuous dependence of solutions on data), asymptotic behaviors and profiles of solutions and (re)formulationof equations. In particular, I am interested in (relatively new)PDEs (often along with nonlinearity and nonlocality) which wereintroduced to describe non-standard irreversible phenomena beyondthe scope of classical theories.
 Methods of analysis mainly relyon the theory of evolution equations (= ODEs in infinite-dimensionalspaces), functional analysis, variational analysis and so on.

Advice on Research

Main topic is PDEs.


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