Tohoku Mathematical Journal

This periodical is published quarterly by the Mathematical Institute of Tohoku University. One volume usually consists of four issues.

Managing Editor:
Takashi  SHIOYA

Takayoshi  OGAWA,    Hiroyuki TAKAMURA,

Associate Editors:
Goro  AKAGI,    Masaki  HANAMURA,
Yuu  HARIYA,    Shouhei  HONDA,
Motoko  KOTANI,    Jun  MASAMUNE,
Fumihiko  NAKANO,    Yasuo  OHNO,
Satoshi  TANAKA,    Tatsuya  TATE,

Martin  GUEST,    Masaki  IZUMI,
Shigeaki KOIKE,   Tomotada  OHTSUKI,
Masayoshi  TAKEDA

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The Editor
Tohoku Mathematical Journal,
Mathematical Institute,
Tohoku University,
Sendai, 980-8578,

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Maruzen-Yushodo Co., Ltd.
Export Department
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Tokyo 160-0002
FAX +81-3-6367-6202

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About This Journal

  • The Tohoku Mathematical Journal was started in July 1911, one month prior to the first lecture at the College of Science, after a period of preparation that began with the foundation of Tohoku Imperial University on June 22, 1907.
  • Professor Tsuruichi HAYASHI, who with Professor Matsusaburo FUJIWARA was one of the founding professors of the Mathematical Institute of the College of Science, provided his own private funds for the publication of the journal. Among the first generation of faculty members at the College of Science, Professor Fujiwara, Assistant Professor Tadahiko KUBOTA, Assistant Kinnosuke OGURA and Physics Professor Jun ISHIHARA cooperated with Professor Hayashi in editing the journal. As Professor Fujiwara later commented in the Obituary Note for Professor Hayashi published in Tohoku Math. J., First Series, Vol. 41, (1935-1936), pp.265-289,
    " To found a new journal, periodically issued, in such a time, was a very bold enterprise. His foresight and audacity only could do this. The publication of the Tôhoku Mathematical Journal marked a striking epoch in the history of mathematics in Japan."
  • From the start, the journal was a truly international research journal accepting qualified original articles written in Japanese, English, German, French, or Italian from throughout the world.

    The financial burden on Professor Hayashi must have been considerable. President Masataro SAWAYANAGI of the Tohoku Imperial University tried to alleviate this burden by arranging for the university to purchase copies which were then donated to other universities and learned societies throughout the world. On the advice of the Board of Audit of the Japanese Government, the management of the journal was transferred to the university, although Professor Hayashi continued to serve as Chief-Editor until the end of his life.

  • Due to the Second World War, the publication of the journal had to be suspended, and Volume 49 in 1943 was the last issue in the First Series. After the war the publication of the journal was resumed, and Volume 1 in the Second Series was published in 1949. In the Second Series, only original research articles written in English, German or French are accepted, whereas the First Series contained review articles as well as articles written in Japanese on traditional Japanese mathematics ("wazan", sometimes pronounced "wasan").

    Publication of the First Series was somewhat irregular, but on average two volumes were published each year. In the Second Series, except during the early years, one volume has been published each year, and each volume consists of about 600 pages, published in four issues in March, June, September and December.

    Before the war the Mathematical Institute, with the assistance of the Tohoku University Library, sent copies of the journal either by exchange agreement or as donations to universities and research institutes throughout the world. Maruzen, Co. Ltd. also purchased copies from the library and sold them to its customers throughout the world.

    For some years after the war, copies continued to be distributed by exchange agreement or as donations, but were not available commercially. In view of the strong demand, however, an arrangement was made in 1972 between Tohoku University and Maruzen, Co. Ltd. for the latter to print a fixed number of copies of each issue simultaneously and make them commercially available.

     In 1979 the journal was invited by the Institute for Scientific Information (currently Thomson Reuters) in Philadelphia, U.S.A. to be one of the source journals for their Science Citation Index. Copies of each issue since Volume 32 in 1980 have been sent by air mail to the institute.

  • To mark the occasion of the volume number in the Second Series exceeding that in the First Series, we carried out the following projects.

    First, we redesigned the cover from Volume 51 in 1999, and adopted "Tohoku Mathematical Journal" instead of "Tôhoku Mathematical Journal" as the offical name.

    Second, we switched the typesetting of the journal to the de facto standard document preparation system TeX of Dr. Donald Knuth. In this way, we can not only take advantage of input files prepared by authors but also convert the articles into portable document format files.

    Third, we compiled a database of all articles in the First Series. As a result, we are able to present here the tables of contents of all the volumes in the First Series, as well as the list of titles of all the articles, arranged in alphabetical order of the authors.

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