Tohoku Mathematical Journal
Second Series Vol. 63, No. 4
Centennial Issue

December, 2011

Tohoku Mathematical Journal celebrated its centennial in July 2011. We published a special commemorative issue of the Tohoku Mathematical Journal (Vol.63, No.4) on this occasion. All the articles in this special issue are invited articles.

Electronic edition of Centennial Issue is available at the web site of Project Euclid.

  • Picture of Tsuruich Hayashi Founder of Tohoku Mathematical Journal [PDF]
  • Preface [full-text PDF]
  • Tadao Oda: The first hundred years of the Tohoku Mathematical Journal , 461-470. [full-text PDF]
  • Takashi Shioya: Collapsing three-manifolds with a lower curvature bound , 471-487. [Abstract]
  • Stephen G. Simpson: Mass problems associated with effectively closed sets , 489-517. [Abstract]
  • Christopher D. Sogge: Kakeya-Nikodym averages and $L^p$-norms of eigenfunctions , 519-538. [Abstract]
  • Anthony C. Kable: $K$-finite solutions to conformally invariant systems of differential equations , 539-559. [Abstract]
  • Marek Fila and Eiji Yanagida: Homoclinic and heteroclinic orbits for a semilinear parabolic equation , 561-579. [Abstract]
  • Victor Batyrev and Mark Blume: The functor of toric varieties associated with Weyl chambers and Losev-Manin moduli spaces , 581-604. [Abstract]
  • Yong Lin, Linyuan Lu and Shing-Tung Yau: Ricci curvature of graphs , 605-627. [Abstract]
  • Yves André: On nef and semistable hermitian lattices, and their behaviour under tensor product , 629-649. [Abstract]
  • Tomoyuki Miyaji, Isamu Ohnishi and Yoshi Tsutsumi: Stability of a stationary solution for the Lugiato-Lefever equation , 651-663. [Abstract]
  • Yuting Liu, Zhi-Ming Ma and Chuan Zhou: Web Markov skeleton processes and their applications , 665-695. [Abstract]
  • Kenji Fukaya: Counting pseudo-holomorphic discs in Calabi-Yau 3-holds , 697-727. [Abstract]
  • Pavle Goldstein and Masaki Izumi: Quasi-free actions of finite groups on the Cuntz algebra $\mathcal{O}_\infty$ , 729-749. [Abstract]
  • Masaki Hanamura: Blow-ups and mixed motives , 751-774. [Abstract]
  • Ahmed Abbes and Takeshi Saito: Ramification and cleanliness , 775-853. [Abstract]
  • Alessio Figalli, Ludovic Rifford and Cédric Villani: Necessary and sufficient conditions for continuity of optimal transport maps on Riemannian manifolds , 855-876. [Abstract]
  • Sergio Albeverio, Luca Di Persio and Elisa Mastrogiacomo: Small noise asymptotic expansions for stochastic PDE's, I. The case of a dissipative polynomially bounded non linearity , 877-898. [Abstract]