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Volume Index and General Index

The Tohoku Mathematical Journal was started in 1911, as the first international Mathematics research journal in Japan. Due to the Second World War, publication of the journal had to be suspended, and Volume 49 in 1943 was the last issue in the First Series. After the war the publication was resumed, and Volume 1 of the Second Series was published in 1949.

To mark the occasion of the total volume number exceeding one hundred, we have compiled a database of all articles in the First and Second Series. We present below the Volume Index (the tables of contents of all the volumes) and the General Index (the list of all articles, arranged in alphabetical order of the authors) of the First and Second Series.

Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Vol.51 (2002), Supplement

Volume Index and General Index of the First Series,

(Printed version and Online version)

Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Vol.57 (2005), Supplement

Volume Index and General Index of the Second Seires,

(only Online version)

Note on the publication years of articles in First Series

Although a number of the volumes of the first series are bindings of issues published in plural years, some of them have only one publication year printed on each volume. Since we use this data for the index, the publication year of each article on the index might be different from that of the issue which includes the article.

Case example

Display in “TMJ Vol.51 (2002), Supplement”

  • OKA, Kiyosi: Sur les fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables. VI Domaines pseudoconvexes, 49 (1943), 15-52.
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  • Oka, Kiyosi, Sur les fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables. VI. Domaines pseudoconvexes. (French) Tohoku Math. J. 49, (1942). 15-52.
Actually, Oka's article is included in Part 1 of Vol. 49 issued in May, 1942.

Although we have not complete data, we confirmed that the following volumes in TMJ First Series partly contain issues published in the previous years.

  • Vol.33 (1931) contains Nos. 1, 2 of 1930 and Nos. 3, 4 of 1931
  • Vol.36 (1933) contains Part 1 of 1932 and Part 2 of 1933
  • Vol.44 (1938) contains Part 1 of 1937 and Part 2 of 1938
  • Vol.49 (1943) contains Part 1 of 1942 and Part 2 of 1943

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