D.S. Tokyo Institute of Technology 1983
M.S. TIT 1975
B.A. TIT 1973


1976~1999 : RA, Associate Professor : TIT (Permanent)
1999~2003 : Professor : Sophia Univ. (full & permanent)
2003~2007.7 : Professor : Graduate School of Math., Kyushu Univ. (full & permanent)
2007.8~ : Professor : Mathematical Institute, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ. (full & permanent)
2016~ : President appointed Extraordinary Professor : Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University

Research Abroad

1978~1979 : SFB Guest Researcher : Bonn Univ. (Germany)
1983 : Visiting Reseacher : Univ. of Warwick (England)


2001: Geometry prize (Mathematical Society of Japan)
Dupin hypersurfaces and minimal surfaces

Intensive lectures for graduate course

1985 : Tokyo Metropolitan U.
1995 : Ochanomizu U.
1996 : U. Tokyo, Sophia U.
1999 : Tsukuba U.
2000 : Nagoya U., Yokohama City U., Hokkaido U.
2001 : Tohoku U., Kyushu U.,
2002 : Kyoto U., Tokyo Metropolitan U., Beijing U.(China)
2005 : Yamaguchi U.
2008 : Osaka U., Ehime U.
2009 : Hiroshima U., Tokyo Metrop.U., Tsinghua U. (China)


1995~1997 : Editor of Sugaku (Mathematical Society of Japan)
2000~2003 : Editor of Tokyo Journal of Mathematics
2006.4~ : Editor of Kyushu Journal of Mathematics
2008.1~ : Editor of Tohoku Mathematical Journal

Conference Organizations (2000~)

2000.7.17~21, 9-th Mathematical Society of Japan International Research Institute (MSJIRI) ``Integrable Systems in Differential Geometry" (U. Tokyo)
2000.2.22~24, 2001.3.5~7, 2001.12.13~14, 2002.10.24~25, International workshops ''Theory of Lie groups and Manifolds" I, II, III, IV (Sophia U.)
2003.8.21~25, The 50-th Geometry SymposiumHokkaido
2004.11.19~23, International workshop ''Integrable Systems, Geometry and Visualization" (Kyushu U., COE)
2005.12.20~23, 1st Geometry conference for Friendship of Japan and China (Karatsu)
2006 1.26~29, International Conference on
``Geometry, Integrable systems and Visualization" (Osaka City U.)
2006.8.11~21, LMS Durham Symposium ''Method of Integrable Systems in Geometry" (UK)
2007.9.25~28, RIMS Workshop Geometry related to the theory of integrable systems (RIMS of Kyoto U.)
2007.9.29~30, Geometry related to the theory of integrable systems II Nara-gaku Seimnar House
2008.1.26~29, 3rd Geometry conference for Friendship of Japan and China (Nagoya U.)
2008.10.16-17, International Workshop on Recent Development in Geometry(Tohoku U.)
2008.12.21-27, 4th Geometry conference for Friendship of Japan and China (Chern Inst. of Math., China)
2009.4.17-19, Fusion of Integrable Systems and Geometry (Tohoku U.)
2010.1.28-2.3, 5th Geometry conference for Friendship of Japan and China (OIST, Okinawa)
2010.8.24-27, Workshop on Hypersurface Geometry and Integrable Systems(Tohoku)
2011.11.24--26, ``Mathematical Aspect of Image Processing and Computer Vision (MAIPCV) Winter School 2011" (Tohoku)
2012.1.10-14, 7th Geometry conference for Friendship of Japan and China (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
012.5.17-19, Tohoku-Fudan workshop on the occasion of the centennial of the Faculty of Science(Tohoku U.)

Committee and Social activities

2006 : Chair of the Graduate School of Math., Kyushu U.
1999~2002 : Examination board of the officers
2002~2004 : Representative of the Geometry session of Math.Soc. Japan
2005~2008 : Committee member of RIMS
2006~2008 : Committee member of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Sicience)
2006~ : Committee sub-member of Science Council of Japan
2007.6~ : Field advisor of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
2008.2~ : Committee member of National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation
2010~2012 Chief of Gender Equality Committee of MSJ
20011~ Committee member of RIMS
20011~ Committee member of ``Bright future of women scientists"
2011~ Member of GCOE and SMART
2011 Assistant of the dean
2011 Chief of DiRECT (Devision of Internat'l Res. and Edu. Coop. of Tohoku U.)
2011 Vice chair of Math. Institute
2012 Chair of Math. Institute

Other activities

1997 : Lecture at the summer seminar of Math. Olympic
1998 : Supervisor of the Christmas lecture in 98 in Japan (Royal Institution of UK)
2002 : Lecture at the summer seminar of NPO Yugen club
2009 : Lectures at Open campus, Sendai Math. Seminar
2010 : Lectures at Math. Edu. Soc. Japan, Hitachi Bunkyo Seminar