International Workshop on
Special Geometry and Minimal Submanifolds

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8-10th August, 2013  
305 Lecture room,
Mathematical Institute of Tohoku University, Sendai

Photographs    Speakers
For printing 【Title, Abstract】 
J.Berndt (King's College London)【Title, Abstract】
 J.Choe (KIAS)【Title, Abstract】

 J.Lotay (Univ. College London)【Title, Abstract】
 Y.J.Suh (Kyungpook Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

N.Ejiri (Meijo Univ.)【Title, Abstract】
H.Hashimoto(Meijo Univ.)Title, Abstract
K.Hattori(Univ. Tokyo)Title, Abstract
 T.Hisamoto(Nagoya Univ.)【Title】
K.Kawai(Tohoku Univ.)
Title, Abstract
 M.Koiso(Kyushu Univ. IMI)【Title, Abstract】
Y.Matsumoto(Univ. Tokyo)【Title, Abstract】
H.Tamaru(Hiroshima Univ.)【Title, Abstract】
M.Umehara(TIT)【Title, Abstract】

Short talk

 E.Pak (Kyungpook Univ.)【Title, Abstract】
C.H.Woo (Kyungpook Univ.)【Title, Abstract】
T.Kajigaya(Tohoku Univ.、King's College London)【Title, Abstract】
S.Ueki(Tohoku Univ.【Title, Abstract】

Organizer: Reiko Miyaoka
 Grants-in-Aids for Scientific research:23340012
Kawai Mathematical Science Foundation