Nonliear Wave and Dispersive Equations

December 2-3, 2003
Kawai Hall, Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University

Organizers:  Yoshio Tsutsumi,   Hiroyuki Chihara
supported by MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, A(2) #15204008

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Tuesday, December 2, 2003

10:20-11:10  Jean-Marc Delort (Universi Paris 13)
Global existence of small solutions for quadratic quasilinear Klein-Gordon systems in two space dimensions

11:25-12:15  Hideo Kubo (Osaka University)
Large time behavior of solutions for a nonlinear system of wave equations

13:50-14:40  Igor Rodnianski (Princeton University)
On mathematical aspects of General Relativity

14:50-15:40  Keiichi Kato (Tokyo University of Science)
Existence of solutions to the Benjamin-Ono equation

16:00-16:30  Sei Nagayasu (Osaka University)
An inverse problem for the wave equation in plane-stratified media

16:30-17:00  Hideaki Sunagawa (Osaka University)
Nonexistence of global solutions for quadratic nonlinear Klein-Gordon systems in one space dimension: Example

17:30-19:00  Banquet  in Math Bldg #502

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

10:20-11:10  Jean-Marc Delort (Universi Paris 13)
Long time existence for small data nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations on tori and spheres

11:25-12:15  Mitsuru Sugimoto (Osaka University)
Smoothing effects for dispersive equations via canonical transformations

13:50-14:40  Naoyasu Kita (Kyushu University)
Nonlinear Schrdinger equation with superposed δ-functions as initial data

14:50-15:40  Hideo Takaoka (Kobe University)
Morawetz estimates and scattering for nonlinear Schrdinger equations

16:00-16:30  Jun'ichi Segata (Kyushu University)
Local and global well-posedness for the fourth order nonlinear Schrdinger-type equation related to the vortex filament

16:30-17:00  Jun Kato (Tohoku University)
On some generalization of the weighted Strichartz estimates for the wave equation and application to self-similar solutions

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