Date & Place

Date: 31th Aug. -6th Sept. 2013
(August 31 is an arriving day, September 6 is a leaving day and there will be no talks on these two days.)
Place: The nearest airport is Sapporo-Chitose airport.
From Chitose Airport to JR Sapporo station:
31th Aug. -3rd Sept. Sapporo   ( Hokkaido University )
Faculty of Science Buliding #3 3-309 Lecture Hall
理学部3号館 3-309大講義室

・Hotel: JR Inn Sapporo

3rd Sept. -6th Sept. Noboribetsu ( Noboribetsu Grand Hotel )

Speakers (confirmed)

Huitao Feng (Chongqing Univ. of Technology)【Title, Abstract】

Shuai Guo (Beijing ICMR)【Title, Abstract】

Kefeng Liu (UCLA)【Title, Abstract】

Hui Ma (Tsinghua Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

Reto Müller (Queen Mary, University of London)【Title, Abstract】
Johannes Nordström (Imperial College, London  University of Bath from 2nd Sept.)【Title, Abstract】

Sheng Rao (Zhejiang Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

Zizhou Tang (Beijing Normal Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

Gang Tian (Princeton Univ. and Peking Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

Peter Topping (Univ.of Warwick)【Title, Abstract】

Zhizhang Wang (Fudan Univ.) 【Title, Abstract】

Jingang Xiong (Beijing ICMR)【Title, Abstract】

Wenjiao Yan (Beijing Normal Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

Weiping Zhang (Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai Univ,)【Title, Abstract】

En-Tao Zhao (Zhejiang Univ.)【Title, Abstract】

Xiangyu Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)【Title, Abstract】

Ichiro Enoki (Osaka Univ.) 榎 一郎(大阪大学)【Title, Abstract】

Kei Funano (Kyoto Univ.) 船野 敬(京都大学)【Title, Abstract】

Shouhei Honda (Kyushu Univ.) 本多 正平(九州大学)【Title, Abstract】

Masashi Ishida (Osaka Univ.) 石田 政司(大阪大学)【Title, Abstract】

Takeo Nishinou (Tohoku Univ.) 西納 武男(東北大学)【Title, Abstract】




Qing Ding, An-Min Li, Haizhong Li, Changping Wang, Yuanlong Xin, Weiping Zhang, Xi-Ping Zhu


R. Miyaoka, A. Futaki, T. Mabuchi, Q.M. Cheng, R. Kobayashi, Y. Ohnita, H.Furuhata, K.Shibuya

Supported by Grant-in-Aid:
(A) 25247003 (A. Futaki), (A) 20244005 (T. Mabuchi), (A) 24244004 (M. Kotani), (B) 24340013 (Q. M. Cheng),
(B) 23340012 (R. Miyaoka)