Q1What is the difference between mathematics studied at the Mathematical Institute and mathematics studied in high school?

Q2 How do I study in the Mathematical Institute? What is the merit of studying at the Mathematical Institute in graduate studies?

Q3 What subjects do I study at the university mathematics department?

Q4 In what order will I study mathematics courses at the university mathematics department?

Q5 What is interdisciplinary education?

Q6 What is a seminar?

Q7 I got better grades in high school mathematics than other students. Can I learn mathematics well in the university mathematics department?

Q8 What is important for studying at the Mathematical Institute?

Q9 What should I do when I am lost in mathematics?

Q10 What kinds of jobs are available after graduation from the Mathematical Institute?

Q11 How can I carry out a job search at the Mathematical Institute?

Q12 How much does it cost to enter Tohoku University?

Q13 How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Sendai?

Q14 How is mathematics useful to society?

Q15 Please give me some examples of how mathematics is useful for the outside world.

Q16 Will mathematicians' research truly contribute to society?

Q17 How can I solve problems in study or private life?

Q18 What should I do if I cannot get along with my instructor?



Q12 How much does it cost to enter Tohoku University?

A: A student enrolled in 2005 was obligated to pay 542,400 yen (estimated total of the admission fee of 282,000 yen and tuition for the first semester of 260,400 yen) upon registration. Thereafter, 260,400 yen (estimated) was required as tuition for each semester. Tohoku University does not charge either a facility maintenance fee or an experiment and training fee, which are required at most private universities. A student is obligated to buy textbooks in April and October, which cost about 10,000?20,000 yen in the case of the Mathematical Institute.

Admission fee exemptions might be applied in cases of financial problems such as loss of support or suffering of storm or flood damage. In addition, tuition exemption might apply to students with simultaneous excellent school records and financial difficulties. Scholarships are awarded to some students, such as a scholarship loan by Japan Student Services Organization (e.g. the Japan Scholarship Foundation) and scholarship benefits and loans by local public organizations or private scholarship foundations. See the Tohoku University website for additional information.

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