Q1What is the difference between mathematics studied at the Mathematical Institute and mathematics studied in high school?

Q2 How do I study in the Mathematical Institute? What is the merit of studying at the Mathematical Institute in graduate studies?

Q3 What subjects do I study at the university mathematics department?

Q4 In what order will I study mathematics courses at the university mathematics department?

Q5 What is interdisciplinary education?

Q6 What is a seminar?

Q7 I got better grades in high school mathematics than other students. Can I learn mathematics well in the university mathematics department?

Q8 What is important for studying at the Mathematical Institute?

Q9 What should I do when I am lost in mathematics?

Q10 What kinds of jobs are available after graduation from the Mathematical Institute?

Q11 How can I carry out a job search at the Mathematical Institute?

Q12 How much does it cost to enter Tohoku University?

Q13 How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Sendai?

Q14 How is mathematics useful to society?

Q15 Please give me some examples of how mathematics is useful for the outside world.

Q16 Will mathematicians' research truly contribute to society?

Q17 How can I solve problems in study or private life?

Q18 What should I do if I cannot get along with my instructor?



Q11 How can I carry out a job search at the Mathematical Institute?

A: The Mathematical Institute belongs to the Faculty of Science. The Job Section Center for Career Support takes care of job search activities by collecting information from companies and introducing it to students, just as in the Faculty of Engineering.

A student searching for a job can get recommendations from the Mathematical Institute, or can visit various companies personally for direct negotiations. Using the recommendation system, the Mathematical Institute guarantees that a student will join a company if an offer is received. It is a rule that each student targets a single company. For that reason, a student can get an offer easily, with probability as high as about 50 percent. On the other hand, for general application, although a student can negotiate with several companies simultaneously, the offer rate is only about 10 percent.

It is necessary in job search activities that you have a firm scenario about "what kind of work I want to do if I am to join a company that I am applying to", and "how am I going to apply what I have studied so far." If your vision is clear, a company can make sure that you will contribute to the company.

A merit system has been prevailing in Japanese companies today. Companies evaluate not which university you have graduated from to determine which job to assign; they evaluate your competence. It should not be your goal to be merely enrolled at Tohoku University. It is important for you to study many things before graduation, and to raise your level of competence. The Mathematical Institute is trying hard so that students can master those valuable skills



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