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Shimizu Satoru , Assoc. Professor

Research field
Several Complex Variables, Complex Geometry.

Research and Theories of interest
Applications of Lie group theory to the complex analysis, Geometry of bounded domains in the higher-dimensional complex number space, especially, Geometry of Reinhardt domain and tube domains.
Advice on Research
Is the wording, gMathematics is interestingh, true? The contraposition of the wording is gIt is not mathematics if it is not interesting.h In reality, mathematics is difficult first of all (since it takes much time and effort to master one field of mathematics, and it is said that it would take 6000 hours to master one field). It tends to be uninteresting because it is difficult and incomprehensible. Therefore, let us change the thinking. Presume you think that git is natural that you do not understand mathematicsh in which case you would believe that gyou could do it if you triedh. Then you might ask for yourself what you do not understand. That would be the start of deep thinking (irrelevant to whether you understand it or not as a result). Even math teachers continue to get older while they have things that they do not understand and that they are worried about.

Following are some master's thesis titles for your reference
  • gHodograph Transformations and Chern-Moser Invariant on the Boundary of Tube Domains.h
  • gStudy of a Kind of Weakly Pseudoconvex Domains with Spherical Boundary Points.h

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