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Segata Junichi , Assoc. Professor

Research field
Qualitative properties of solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations

I am studying on the qualitative properties of solutions to the nonlinear dispersive equations such as nonlinear Schrodinger equation and Korteweg-de Vries equation. The nonlinear dispersive equations have variety of solutions due to the magnitude relation between the dispersion and nonlinearity. If the dispersion is stronger than the nonlinearity, the solution to nonlinear equation behaves like the solution to the corresponding linearized equation for the large time. Conversely, if the nonlinearity is stronger than the dispersion, some solution blows up in finite time. I analyze those properties by using the Fourier analysis, variational principle, and other mathematical tools.

Advice on research
For the master's course students, I teach Fourier analysis, functional analysis and the basic theories of the partial differential equations, and how to read the papers in this field. I hope the students to attack the problems aggressively.
Tohoku University
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