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Ishida Masanori , Professor

Research field
Algebraic Geometry,

Research of interest
My major is in Algebraic Geometry. It is a field in which you study algebraic varieties. Because the theory is based on the commutative ring theory and the homological algebra, roughly speaking, it is categorized as algebra. Among other things, I am investigating algebraic varieties called toric varieties, for which it is important to have knowledge of convex polytopes. The books I have written include The Japanese title means "The Basics of Algebraic Geometry" (Baifukan) ISBN 4563002917 "Introduction to Toric Varieties" (Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd.) ISBN 4254115520

Advice on Research
For graduate students, I normally choose a text book written in English, give them seminars throughout the whole year, and request that they submit the report twice or three times during that period. In parallel, I would like them to master LaTeX, which is computer software used to create a document with mathematical symbols included, and also to learn to use equation processing software such as Mathematica and Macaulay2.

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