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Hariya Yuu , Assoc. Professor

Research field
Stochastic Processes

Research of interest
With interest in phenomena such as phase transitions observed in statistical mechanics, I have been studying ``thermodynamic'' limit behavior of Brownian motion perturbed by several kinds of its functionals. Recently I have also been working on a connection between certain kinds of divergence formulae on Wiener space and Hadamard's variational formulae for heat kernels with Dirichlet boundary conditions.

Advice on Research
During the first year of the master course, students are requested to acquire basic knowledge by reading standard textbooks of probability theory written in English. In parallel to it, they are recommended to attend Tohoku Probability Seminar and also attend intensive lectures given by visiting professors, through which they are hoped to find subjects of their master's theses that they think might be interesting to study towards the second year of the master course.

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