Takehiko Yasuda

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Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University
Aoba, Sendai, 980-8578, JAPAN
e-mail: takehiko.yasuda.a5-@-tohoku.ac.jp (remove two "-")

My CV (pdf)

I moved to Osaka University at the beginning of April, 2020. This website is not updated after that. My new website is here.

The above email address is no longer available. My new email address is:
takehikoyasuda (at) math.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp

I am a mathematician working in Sendai, Japan. My speciality is Algebraic Geometry, which is a study of shapes given by polynomial equations. My recent studies are about what might be called Arithmetic Singularities, that is, a study of relation between singularities of such shapes and the number theory.

Keywords of my works include:

singularities, jets and arcs, motivic and p-adic integration, the McKay correspondence, rational points, higher Semple-Nash blowups and F-blowups, wild quotient singularities, counting field extensions


Tohoku Algebraic Geometry Seminar (Japanese)

Rational Points on Higher Dimensional Varieties, Dec. 2--6, 2019, RIMS, Kyoto University.

Singularities and Arithmetics, Feb. 17--20, 2020, Tohoku University.

What's new

The Cost of Knowledge (Elsevier Boycott)

I signed on The Cost of Knowledge of Aug. 5, 2015. I would like to refrain from cooperating with Elsevier by publishing, refereeing or doing editorial work.