Conference "Singularities and Arithmetics"

Schedule: Feb. 17 - 20, 2020
Venue: Kawai Hall, Aobayama Campus,Tohoku University (access maps: map1, map2)

Organizing Committee

main organizer: Takehiko Yasuda (Tohoku)
scientific committee: Shunsuke Takagi (Tokyo), Takehiko Yasuda (Tohoku)
local organizers: Mahito Tanno (Tohoku-Osaka), Wataru Kai (Tohoku)

This conference is held from Feb. 17 to 20, 2020 at the Aobayama Campus of Tohoku University. Its main themes are singularities in algebraic geometry and arithmetics. The former includes not only singularities of varieties but also ones of maps so that ramification and discriminants would be within our scope. We hope to bring together researchers working on relevant subjects and encourage interaction of the two fields.

The conference is supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant numbers 18K18710, 18H01112 and 16H06337.

Keywords: singularities in positive and mixed characteristics, ramification theory, discriminants, modular invariant theory




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Travel Information

Tohoku University is located in Sendai, Miyagi-ken, Japan. Most people from abroad would arrive at Sendai International Airport. From there, one can take a train of Sendai Airport Access Line up to JR Sendai Station. Some people may arrive at Haneda or Narita airport and take a train to come to Sendai.

Most people find hotels near Sendai Station. There is no hotel near Aobayama Campus. The standard way of coming to Aobayama Campus is to take a subway of Tozai Line (meaning East-West line) and get off at Aobayama Station. At the top of this webpage, there are access maps for reaching Kawai Hall, the venue of the conference, from Aobayama Station.