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After The Sokal Affair and Impostures Intellectuelles: Old Additions

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[13 September 1998] Sharon Begley with Adam Rogers, The Science Wars, Newsweek, The 21 April 1998, reviewed in The Center for Science and Technology Policy and Ethics Newsletter, Volume 6 Number 6, May/June 1997.

[31 August 1998] Debate in PhysicsWorld

[31 August 1998] Christopher Norris, Book Review of Intellectual Impostures: postmodern philosophers' abuse of science by Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont, The Independent Books: Non-Fiction, 18 July 1998.

[31 August 1998] Philip Kitcher, A Plea for Science Studies, 1 June 1997, published in A House Built on Sand: Exposing Postmodernist Myths about Science, edited by Noretta Koertge, Oxford University Press, Spring 1998.

[30 August 1998] Intellectual Impostures in alt.arts.books, 27/July-12/August 1998.

[30 August 1998] Logic and Rape in soc.singles.moderated, 5-13 August 1998.

[28 August 1998] Debate in London Review of Books

[28 August 1998] Harry J. Lipkin, The Real Answer to Post-Modern Multiculturalism, in APS Letters, The American Physical Association: APS News, Volume 7, No. 4, April 1998.

[28 August 1998] Michael E. Gorman, Transforming Nature, Kluwer Academic Press, expected publication September 1997, last edited at 24 February 1998. See Chapter 2.2: The Scientific Method: Road to Truth or Superstitious Practice?

[27 August 1998] Intellectual Impostures, Richard Harter's World, 1 August 1998.

[18 August 1998] William Faris, Imposteurs intellectuelles--A Book Review, Notices of the AMS, Volume 45, Number 7, August 1998. Available in PDF and PS formats.

[18 August 1998] Bruce Robbins, Science-envy: Sokal, science and the police, Radical Philosophy - A journal of socialist and feminist philosophy, No. 88, Mar/Apr 1998.

[17 August 1998] Revenge on Postmodernism, PhysicsWeb - WebWatch, 14 August 1998.

[17 August 1998] Jean Bricmont, Science studies - what's wrong?, PhysicsWeb - PhysicsWorld, Volume 10, No. 12, December 1997.

[12 August 1998] Alain de Botton, What is Academia for?, Prospect, August / September 1998.

[4 August 1998] C.W. Rietdijk, Open letter to Professor Alan Sokal, in The Scientifization of Culture: Discussion Page, 23 November 1997.

[4 August 1998] Bill Maxwell, The babble and squeak of academe, Prince William Journal, 5 November 1997.

[4 August 1998] Craig R. Whitney, Physicists Take Philosophers to Task in Paris, The New York Times, 4 October 1997.

[25 July 1998] Lars Risan, Culture Relativism, Science Studies, and the Sokal Affair, 26 August 1997.

[22 July 1998] Richard Dawkins, Postmodernism Disrobed, a book review of Intellectual Impostures (by A. Sokal & J. Bricmont), Nature, Vol. 394, No. 6689, pp.141-143, 9 July 1998.

[21 July 1998] The title of this page is changed to "After The Sokal Affair and Impostures Intellectuelles".

[18 July 1998] Emmanuel Marin, Summary of Articles from Le Monde, 25 February 1997.

[18 July 1998] Bruno Latour, Y a-t-il une science après la guerre froide? (Is there a science after the cold war?), Le Monde, 18 January 1997. (AltaVista Translation) See also Alan Sokal's counterargument in Professor Latour's Philosophical Mystifications.

[18 July 1998] John Sturrock, Le pauvre Sokal, London Review of Books, Volume 20, Number 14, 1998. Search "John Sturrock" in Amazon.com.

[10 July 1998] Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont, Intellectual Impostures, English version of Impostures Intellectuelles, UK Edition, July 1998.

[10 July 1998] Janet Atkinson-Grosjean, Science Studies: Beyond the Social Text hoax, 21stC, Issue 2.3 Sciences & Humanities: Special Section, Spring 1997.

[10 July 1998] Jonathan R. Cole, Is the Enlightenment out of fashion?, 21stC, Issue 2.3 Sciences & Humanities: Counterpoint, Spring 1997.

[10 July 1998] William R. Freudenburg, And The Debate Goes On ... "Gross, Levitt, Waste Wars and Witches: Diversionary Reframing and the Social Construction of Superstition", with Responses to Freudenburg by Norman Levitt and Paul Gross, Technoscience: Newsletter of the Society for Social Studies of Science, Spring 1996, Volume 9, Number 2.

[6 July 1998] Sara Henley, Are French thinkers lost in dromospace?, Boston Globe Online / Offbeat news, 16 October 1997.

[6 July 1998] A completely meaningless article randomly generated by Postmodernism Generator. Postmodernism Generator is written by Andrew C. Bulhak, using the Dada Engine, a system for generating random text from recursive grammars. Very Funny!

[17 June 1998] Jean Bricmont, Postmodernism and its problems with science, LaTeX file written in the fall of 1996 for Archimedes, a journal for science teachers in Finland. (DVI file, PS file)

[24 May 1998] Kevin Mulligan, Valeurs et Normes Cognitives, Magazine Litteraire, n 361 janvier 1998, pp. 78-79. (AltaVista Translation) See also Mulligan's Book Review of Impostures Intellectuelles.

[23 May 1998] Kevin Mulligan, Book Review: Impostures Intellectuelles, first published in the Times Literary Supplement on 1 May 1998 and reproduced in naturalSCIENCE on 23 May 1998. See also Valeurs et Normes Cognitives.

[16 May 1998] Jacques Treiner, Sokal-Bricmont: Non, ce n'est pas la guerre, Le Monde, 11 October 1997. Also available in English: Sokal-Bricmont: No, there is no war.

[16 May 1998] Hubert Krivine, Quel impérialisme?, Le Monde, 11 October 1997. Also available in English: Which imperialism?

[12 May 1998] Matt Wray, Left Conservatism: A Conference Report, Bad Subjects, Issue #37, March 1998.

[12 May 1998] Voices from the Collective: Left Conservatism, Bad Subjects, Issue #36, February 1998.

[11 May 1998] Vivek Padmanabhan, Sokal demonstrates lack of communication in scientific societies, The Chronicle Online, 24 February 1998.

[11 May 1998] Ed Thomas, Professor critiques post-modernist thinkers, with photo of Alan Sokal, The Chronicle Online, 25 November 1996.

[5 May 1998] Madhusree Mukerjee, Undressing the Emperor - Physicist and Social Text prankster Alan Sokal fires another salvo at thinkers in the humanities, Scientific American, March 1998.

[15 April 1998] Steve Butterworth, The Sokal Incident - A Physicist Investigates the Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Postmodern Faux Left.

[15 April 1998] Barbara Epstein, Postmodernism and the Left, from New Politics, vol. 6, no. 2 (new series), whole no. 22, Winter 1997.

[15 April 1998] Harold Fromm, My Science Wars, published in The Hudson Review, Winter 1997 (XLIX, No. 4), pp. 599-609.

[12 March 1998] J. Bradford De Long, Stanley Fish at Lagado University, 10 March 1998.

[9 March 1998] You can't follow the science wars without a battle map, The Economist, 13 December 1997.

[25 February 1998] Hans-Joachim Niemann's SOKAL page (in German, AltaVista Translations). A short summary of Impostures Intellectuelles (AltaVista Translations).

[16 February 1998] Sean Carroll, A Letter to Lingua Franca, 27 May 1996. As a philosophically-minded physicist who earns a living quantizing gravity (or trying to), I read Alan Sokal's article (Lingua Franca, May/June 1996) with mixed feelings. ...

[16 February 1998] Mike Holderness, Taking candy from a baby? - Spoofer Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont target Impostures Intellectuelles, New Scientist, Vol. 157 No. 2121, 14 Febuary 1998.

[22 January 1998] Closet Conservatives, in Egghead: News from academe, 20 January 1998, Slate Magazine.

[15 January 1998] Michel Sauval, Science, psychoanalysis and post-modernism, published in the number 6 of the magazine Acheronta, December 1997. This article is written in Spanish in order to explain a detail of the affair for the Hispanic public. But you can also read its English translation.

[22 December 1997] New web sites:

[22 December 1997] BEN MacINTYRE (The Times in Paris), Book has Left Bank burning, The Australian Online: Higher Education, 1 October 1997.

[22 December 1997] Jon Henley, Is French philosophy just a load of old tosh?, The Guardian Weekly, 12 October 1997.

[8 December 1997] Robert Vienneau, Excerpt from ``Physicists Take Philosophers to Task in Paris'' by Craig R. Whitney, a copyrighted article in The New York Times, 4 October 1997, posted in alt.postmodern and rec.arts.books, 5 October 1997.

[7 December 1997] Jean Bricmont and Alan Sokal, The Furor over Impostures Intellectuelles - What is the fuss all about?, Published, under the title "What is all the fuss about?", in the Times Literary Supplement (London), 17 October 1997, p. 17. The bibliographical footnotes did not appear in the TLS, but are included here for the convenience of the reader.

[7 December 1997] Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont, Impostures Intellectuelles, Book published in French by Editions Odile Jacob, October 1997 (ISBN 2-7381-0503-3). The Authors are currently working on an English version, which they hope will be published sometime in 1998. You can read the first chapter in French. For reactions to this book, see also Alan Sokal's web site.

[7 December 1997] Andrew Ross, A Commentary, published in Social Text #50, spring/1997.

[7 December 1997] A Rutgers interview with Bruce Robbins, 6 March 1997.

[7 December 1997] Stanley and David Rothman, An unpublished letter to The Chronicle of Higher Education about their coverage of the Sokal affair and the "science wars", in NAS Science News List Vol III, Issue 10: 18 August 1996.

[1 December 1997] Responses to the Sokal Affair: Toward a Dialog, Node9, An E-Journal of Writing and Technology, Volume 1, November 1997. Exchange between Alan Parker and Jon Adams.

[1 December 1997] Michael Holquist, Sokal's Hoax: An Exchange, The New York Review of Books, 3 October 1996. An Exchange about Steven Weinberg's response to the hoax by Michael Holquist, George Levine, M. Norton Wise, Nina Byers, and Steven Weinberg.

[13 September 1997] Jon K. Adams, Ad Scientiam: The Appeal to Science, submitted via E-mail to this page at 11 September 1997. This paper is given at the annual conference of the German Society for American Studies and mainly about the rhetorical strategies of scientists in the Science Wars, in particular, C.P. Snow, Alan Sokal, Jerry King, Paul Gross and Norman Levitt, and Steven Weinberg.

[7 September 1997] Jason Walsh's Web Page about The Sokal Affair added in Index of Web Sites. The URL of this page was http://weber.u.washington.edu/~jwalsh/sokal/.

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