My Laboratory Information
There are several rules to join us.
1 : Drinking is prohibited since it might cause cancer of the liver.
2 : Swimming and skiing are prohibited since they might cause skin cancer (not because I can not swim/ski !).
3 : Working hard is extremely recommended not to make me crazy.
4 : Stay at home ! Lots of danger outside !
5 : Read Math books ! Other books might make you lose your eyesight.
6 : You have no summer vacation etc to keep your life simple.
7 : You are in the Analysis World. Don't think about combinatrics, particularly, Japanese chess.
8 : If you wish to come to the Master course, you are requested to read ``Beginner's guide'' by yourself.
9 : If you wish to come to the Doctor couse, you are requested to have one nearly accepted paper and one more result on which you will be able to write immediately.

Added after April 2012, when I moved to Tohoku University.
10 : Do not waste your time with P*K*M*N games !
11 : Remind that sports (except Ping-Pong) may delete your memory on mathematics.

I do not need to follow the above rules (even No. 8 !).
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