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Professor Hanamura Masaki Algebraic Geometry
Professor Ohno Yasuo Number Theory
Professor Tsuzuki Nobuo Arithmetic geometry, Number theory
Assoc.Prof. Iwanari Isamu Algebraic Geometry
Assoc.Prof. Ogata Shoetsu Complex Manifolds
Assoc.Prof. Yamauchi Takuya Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry,Automorphic representation
Asst. Prof.
Kai Wataru
Algebraic Geometry
Asst. Prof.
Kawasaki Naho
Number Theory

Professor Bando Shigetoshi Global Analysis, and Geometry
Professor Shioya Takashi Metric Geometry, Riemannian Geometry, and Geometric Analysis
Professor Terashima Yuji Topology, Mathematical Physics
Assoc.Prof. Iwabuchi Tsukasa Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
Assoc.Prof. Matsumura Shinichi  Complex geometry
Assoc.Prof. Yokota Takumi  Riemannian Geometry
Assoc.Prof. Mimura Masato Geometric Group Theory
Assoc.Prof. Takatsu Asuka  
Asst. Prof. Tanaka Ryokichi Geometry, probability and analysis on groups

Professor Nakano Fumihiko Mathematical Physics, Probability theory
Professor Takamura Hiroyuki Nonlinear Evolution Equation
Professor Tanaka Satoshi Boundary Value Problems, Nonlinear Differential Equations, Nonlinear Analysis
Assoc.Prof. Akama Yoji  Computer Mathematics
Assoc.Prof. Hariya Yuu Probability Theory
Assoc.Prof. Shimizu Satoru Complex Analysis
Asst. Prof. Cavallina Lorenzo Partial differential equations, shape optimization problems
Asst. Prof. Sasaki Takiko  

Manifold Theory
Professor Honda Shouhei  Riemannian geometry
Professor  Takeuchi Kiyoshi  Algebraic analysis, Singularity theory
Professor  Tate Tatsuya  Geometrical asymptotic analysis
Professor  Yamazaki Takao  Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry,
Assoc. Prof.  Hasegawa Koji  Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics
Assoc.Prof. Okabe Shinya  Nonlinear analysis, Variational method
Asst. Prof. Kuroki Gen Representation Theory, and Mathematical Physics

Applied Mathematics
Professor Akagi Goro Evolution Equation, Functional Analysis
Professor Ogawa Takayoshi Real Analysis, and Applied Analysis
Professor Tanaka Kazuyuki  Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
Assoc.Prof. Ioku Norisuke Partial Differential Equations, Functional inequalities
Assoc.Prof. Yamazaki Takeshi Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
Asst. Prof.  Horihata Kazuhiro  Calculus of Variations

Professor  Chiba Hayato  Dynamical Systems Theory
Professor  Kotani Motoko  Differential Geometry, and Global Analysis
Professor Suito Hiroshi Mathematical science for Clinical Medicine
Assoc. Prof. Lein Max Mathematical Physics and Functional Analysis
Asst. Prof. Kunikawa Keita Geometric Analysis

Concurrent Researchers
Assoc. Prof. Fujie Kentaro Partial Differential Equations
Assoc. Prof. Saitoh Kuniyasu Mathematical Physics

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