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Entrance examination and admission quota of Mathematical Institute 

Undergraduate: 45 (30, 1st stage; 8, 2nd stage; 7, AO category-2)
First stage entrance examination: Normal examination consisting of National Center Test and Faculty Examination.
Second stage entrance examination: Mathematics and science in Faculty Examination are weighed heavily.
AO (Admission office managed) entrance examinations: Mathematical academic ability and willingness are weighed heavily. Written and oral examinations are given.

Admission policies
Mathematics is not only a beautiful discipline, but a language that describes science. It is indispensable as a foundation of technology. The powers of logical thinking and insight are cultivated while studying mathematics; the abilities to discover the essence of a problem from among complicated factors and solve the problem in the actual world are mastered.

The Mathematical Institute fosters diversified and talented people with mathematical knowledge. Its graduates are playing active roles as researchers in companies and universities, teachers at high schools and junior high schools, professionals working with insurance and pension programs and advanced financial transactions. They are also core engineers in product development in the electric appliance and software industries, editors at publishers, government officials, etc.


Entrance examination and admission quota of Graduate school
  (mathematics major)

Master's program: 38
Doctoral program: 18

Faculty member
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Division of Mathematics
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